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Шпора 1

A five-thousand-dollars (dollar) reward was offered for the capture of the escaped criminals.
A liter is one of the metric measurements, aren't they (isn’t it)?
A lunch of soup and sandwiches do (does not) not appeal to all of the students.
A short time before her operation last month, Mrs. Carlyle dreams(dreamed) of her daughter who lives overseas.
According (according to) the weatherman, there is a fifty percent chance of rain forecast for today and a greater chance for over the weekend.
Admittance for (admittance to) the inauguration ceremonies was only by special invitation of the committee.
After a carefully (careful) investigation, we soon discovered that the house was infested with termites.
After Allan had searched for twenty minutes, he realized that his jacket had been laying (lying) on the table the entire time.
After being indicated for his part in a bank robbery, the reputed mobster decided find (to find) another attorney.
After checking out the motor and the carburetor for problems, Jesse found that the noise was caused by a lose (loose) fan belt.
After driving for twenty miles, he suddenly realized that he has been driving (had been driving) in the wrong direction.
After George had returned to his house, he was reading (read) the book.
After John eaten (had eaten) dinner, he wrote several letters and went to bed.
After learning all the details about the project, the contractor told us them (them to us) at the planning meeting.
After Mr. Peabody had died, the money from his estate reverted back to the company which he had served as president for ten years.
After rising (raising) the flag to commemorate the holiday, the mayor gave a long speech.
After she bad dressed and ate (eaten) breakfast, Lucy rushed off to her office for a meeting with her accountant.
After she had bought himself (herself) a new automobile, she sold her bicycle.
After studying all the new materials, the student was able to rise (raise) his test score by twenty-five points.
After the rain had let out (let up), the Mitchells continued their hike up the mountain.
After to take (taking) the medication, the patient became drowsy and more manageable.
Air pollution, together with littering, are (is) causing many problems in our large, industrial cities today.
All the scouts got theirselves (themselves) ready for the long camping trip by spending their weekends living in the open.
All the students are looking forward spending (forward to spending) their free time relaxing in the sun this summer.
Although (in spite of or despite) her severe pain, Pat decided to come to the meeting so that there would be a quorum.
Although (in spite of or despite) the danger that he might be injured, Boris bravely entered the burning house in order to save the youngster.
Although a number of police officers was guarding (were guarding) the priceless treasures in the museum, the director worried that someone would try to steal them.
Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest (higher) grades.
Although Clyde is formally (formerly) from Pennsylvania, he finds it A difficult to get used to the cold winters we are having.
Although Mark has been cooking for many years, he still doesn’t know (know how) to prepare French foods in the traditional manner.
Although the quantity was small, we had supplies enough (enough supplies) to finish the experiment.
Although the weather was not perfect, a bunch of (many) people turned out for the annual parade.
Among us students are many foreigners who attend languages (language) classes at the south campus.
Angle's bilingual ability and previous experience were the qualities that which (which) helped her get the job over all the other candidates.
Anybody who plans to attend the meeting ought send (ought to send) a short note to the chairperson.
As a result of his inconsistency in represent (in respecting) his constituents, the senator was not reelected to the state legislature.
As soon as Pete had arrived, he told us that he will be leaving (would be leaving) for London tomorrow after the board meeting.
At the rate the clerks were processing the appli-cations, Harry figured that it will take (would take) four hours for his to be reviewed.
Because (because of) the torrential rains that had devastated the area, the governor sent the National Guard to assist in the clean-up operation.
Because it was faster, John insisted in my taking the plane to Miami instead of (insisted on) the train.
Because of the severe snow storm and the road blocks, the air force dropped food and medical supplies close the city (close to the city) .
Because Sam and Michelle had done all of the work theirselves, (themselves) they were unwilling to give the results to Joan.
Because the committee was anxious to attend the celebration, the president dispensed to reading (with reading) the minutes.
Because the residents had worked so diligent (diligently) to renovate the old building, the manager had a party.
Because there are less (fever) members present tonight than there were last night, we must wait until the next meeting to vote.
Because they have moved away they hardly never (hardly ever) go to the beach anymore.
Because they have spent too many (too much) time considering the new contract, the students lost the opportunity to lease the apartment.
Before she moved here, Arlen had been president of the organization since (for) four years.
Before we returned from swimming in the river near the camp, someone had stole (had stolen) our clothes, and we had to walk back with our towels around us.
Being that he was a good swimmer, John jumped into the water and rescued the drowning child.
Bess is used to fly (flying) after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade
Buying clothes are (is) often a very time-consuming practice because those clothes that a person likes era rarely the ones that fit him or her.
Catherine is studying law at he university and so does John (so is John).
Children enjoy telling and listening to ghosts stories (ghosts), especially on Halloween night.
Daniel said that if he had to do another (any more) homework tonight, he would not be able to attend the concert.
Danny spent such enjoyable ( such an enjoyable) vacation in Europe this summer that he plans to return as soon as he saves enough money.
David is particularly fond of cooking, and he often cooks really (very)delicious meals.
Despite his smiling face, the second-place contestant is more sadder than (sadder than) the winner
Despite Martha’s attempts to rise (to raise) her test score, she did not receive a high enough score to be accepted by the law school.
Despite of (despite or in spite of) a language barrier, humans have managed to communicate with others through sign language, in which certain motions stand for letters, words, or ideas.
Despite the roadblock, the police allowed us enter (to enter) the restricted area to search for our friends.
Despite the time of the year, yesterday's temperature was enough hot (hot enough) to turn on the air conditioning
Did you know how (know) that actors’ strike will delay the beginning of the new television season and cause the cancellation of many contracts?
Dr. Alvarez was dispeased because the student had turned in an unacceptable report, so he made him to rewrite (rewrite) it.
Dr. Harder, which (who) is the professor for this class, will be absent this week because of illness.
Dresses, skirts, shoes, and children's clothing are advertised at great (greatly) reduced prices this weekend.
Each of the nurses report (reports) to the operating room when his or her name is called.
Each of the students in the accounting class has to type their (his)own research paper this semester.
Eric and his sister won first prize for the most elaborate customs (costumes) they had worn to the Halloween party.
Even though she looks very young, she is twice older than (as old as) my twenty-year-old sister.
Even though the girls have all ready (already) visited St. Augustine, they want to return to the Castillo de San Marcos.
Excepting for ( except for) the graduate students, everyone will have to take the tests on the same day.
figure on (figure out) my expenditures.
Food prices have raised (risen) so rapidly in the past few months that some families have been forced to alter their eating habits.
For a long time, this (these) officials have been known throughout the country as political bosses and law enforcers.
Fred, who usually conducts the choir rehearsals, did not show up last night because he had (had had) an accident on his way to the practice.
George has not completed the assignment yet, and Maria hasn’t neither (hasn’t either).
George is not enough intelligent (intelligent enough) to pass this economics class without help.
Had the committee members considered the alternatives more carefully, they would have realized that the
Hal's new sports car costs much more than his friend Joel( his friend Joel’s)
Hardly he had (Hardly had he) entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet.
Harry’s advisor persuaded his taking (him to take) several courses which did not involve much knowledge of mathematics.
Harvey seldom pays his bills on time, and his brother does too (doesn’t either).
Having been beaten by the police for striking an officer, the man will cry out (cried out) in pain.
Having finished his term paper before the deadline, it was delivered (he delivered it) to the professor before the class.
Having lived here for seven years, my friend is used to speak (speaking) English with all her classmates.
Having lost the election, the presidential candidate intends supporting (to support) the opposition despite the objections of his staff.
He has been hoped (has been hoping) for a raise for the last four months, but his boss is reluctant to give him one.
He has less (fewer) friends in his classes now than he had last year.
He is the only candidate who (whom) the faculty members voted not to retain on the list of eligible replacements for Professor Kotey.
He isn’t driving to the convention in march and neither they are (neither are they).
He knows (knows how) to repair the carburetor without taking the whole car apart.
He was drink (was drinking) a cup of coffee when the telephone rang.
Henry objects to our buying this house without the approval of our attorney, and John does so (John does too).
His father does not approve of him to go (his going) to the banquet without dressing formally.
His highly imaginary (imaginative) composition won the judges' approval and the first prize in the high school essay contest.
How much (many) times did Rick and Jennifer have to do the experiment before they obtained the results they had been expecting.
Hummingbirds are the only birds capable (of flying) backward as well as forward, up, and down.
Hundreds of houses and other buildings were destroying (were destroyed) by the raging tropical storm which later developed into a hurricane.
I certainly appreciate him (his) telling us about the delay delivering the materials because we had planned to begin work tomorrow.
I do not believe that I have ever seen as many expensive cars than (as) were in that shopping centre.
I do not know where could he have (he could have) gone so early in the morning.
I have to depositing (deposit) this money in my checking account or else the check I just wrote will bounce
I need both (ничего не надо ставить) fine broun sugar as well as powdered sugar to bake a Hawaiian cake.
I put my new book of zoology (zoology book) here on the desk a few minutes ago, but I cannot seem to find it.
I suggest that he goes (go) to the doctor as soon as he returns from taking the exam. She is looking forward to go (going) to Europe after she finishes her studies at the university. They said that the man jumped off of (0) the bridge and plunged into the freezing water.
I would of (would have) attended the meeting of the planning committee last week, but I had to deliver a speech at a convention.
I would rather that they do not travel (did not) during the bad weather, but they insist that they must return home today.
If a crisis would occur (occurred), those unfamiliar with the procedures would not know how to handle the situation.
If it had not been for the computerized register tape from the grocery store, I never would have been able to
If Monique had not attended the conference, she never would meet (never would have met or would never have met) her old friend Dan, whom she had not seen in years.
If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed, and have to pay a fine (fined).
If Rudy would have studied (have studied) German in college, he would not have found the scientific terminology so difficult to understand
If you had sat (set) the plant in a cooler location, the leaves would not have burned.
If you set (sit) in that position for too long, you may get a cramp in your leg.
In 1927 Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo nonstop from New York to Paris in such short time (such a short time).
In Rome, Venice, and other cities, there developed an intellectual movement called humanism, which is (was) the basis of the Renaissance.
In spite (in spite of или despite) Nelli’s fear of heights, she decided to fly with the group of her classmates to the Bahamas during the spring reces.
In spite of the tenants’ objections, the apartment manager decided to rise (to raise) the rent by forty dollars per month.
In the distance could be seen the sleepy little village with their (its) closely clustered adobe houses and red, clay-tile roofs.
In the sixteenth century, Spain became involved in foreign wars with several other European countries and could not find the means of finance (financing) the battles that ensued.
In the spirit of the naturalist writers, that author's work portrays man's struggle for surviving (survival).
It has been a long time since we have talked to John, isn’t it (hasn’t it)?
It is difficult to get used to sleep (to sleeping) in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.
It is most important that he speaks (speak) to the dean before leaving for his vacation.
It was him (he) who came running into the classroom with the news.
It was suggested that Pedro studies (study) the material more thoroughly before attempting to pass the exam.
James’s counselor recommended that he should take (he take) a foreign language in his freshman year instead of waiting until the following year.
Janet is finally used to cook (cooking) on an electric stove after having a gas one for so long.
Jason’s professor had him to rewrite (rewrite) his thesis many times before allowing him to present it to the commitee.
Jim was upset last night because he had to do too many homeworks (much homework).
Joel (Joel’s) giving up smoking has caused him to gain weight and become irritable with his acquaintances.
John always arrives lately (late) for his chemistry class even though he leaves his dormitory in plenty of time.
John decided to buy in the morning a new car (a new car in the morning), but in the afternoon he changed his mind.
John lived in New York since (from) 1960 to 1975, but he is now living in Detroit.
John's wisdom teeth were troubling him, so he went to a dental surgeon to see about having them pull (pulled).
Keith is one of the most intelligent boys of (in) the science class.
Knowing that it would be helpless ( useless) to continue working for a nearly bankrupt company, Louise decided to go away and find another type of employment.
Kurt had so interesting (such) and creative plans that everyone wanted to work on his committee.
Lack of sanitation in restaurants are (is) a major cause of disease in some areas of the country.
Let Nancy and her to make (make) all the plans for the party, and you and i will provide the.
Louie got his sister read (to read) his class assignment, and then asked her to write the report for him because he did not have enough time.
Louis Braille designed a form of communication enabling people to convey and preserve their thoughts to incorporate (incorporating) a series of dots which were read by the finger tips.
Louise is the more (the most) capable of the three girls who have tried out for the part in the play.
Malnutrition is a major cause of death in those countries where the cultivation of rice have (has) been impeded by recurrent drought.
Mantovani conducted the orchestra gracefully and with style (stylishly) to the delight of his appreciative audience.
Many (much) of the population in the rural areas is composed of manual laborers.
Many theories on conserving the purity of water has been (have been) proposed, but not one has been as widely accepted as this one.
Marcy said that she knew how (knew) the procedures for doing the experiment, but when we began to work in the laboratory, she found that she was mistaken.
Maribel has registered for both the afternoon anthropology class as well as (and) the evening sociology lecture.
Marie’s cousin is studied (studying) law at one of the ivy-league universities in the East.
Marta (Marta’s) being chosen as the most outstanding student on her campus made her parents very happy. Jane said she would borrow ( lend or loan) me her new movie camera if I wanted to use it on my trip to Europe.
Mary and her sister just bought two new winters (winter) coats at the clearance sale.
Mary and her sister studied biology last year, and so does Jean (so did Jean).
Mary usually arrives at the office at nine o'clock, but because (because of) the storm, she was two hours late.
Max would rather to be fishing (be fishing) from his boat in the lake than sitting at his desk in the office.
Most Americans would not be happy without a color television, two cars, and working at (0) an extra job.
Mr. Anderson used to jogging (jog) in the crisp morning air during the winter months, but now he has stopped.
Mr. Harris will be divided (divide) the biology class into two sections to prevent overcrowding in his classroom.
Mr. Peters used to think of hisself (himself)as the only president of the company.
Mrs. Anderson bought last week a new sports car ( a new sports car last week); however, she has yet to learn how to operate the manual gearshift.
Mrs. Stevens, along with her cousins from New Mexico, are( is) planning to attend the festivities.
Mumps are (is) a very common disease which usually affects children.
My book is different than (from) yours because mine has a vocabulary section at the bottom of each page, and yours has one in the back.
My brother doesn’t care how much does the car cost (the car costs) because he is going to buy it anyway.
My brother is in California on vacation, but I wish he was (were) here so that he could help me repair my car.
My cousin attends an university (a university) in the Midwest which specializes in astronomy.
My cousin composes not only (not only composes) the music, but also sings the songs for the major Broadway musicals.

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